Humans of Petit: Junior

My name is Junior, I live in Victoria and I have been volunteering at Petit Miracles for almost 2 years. I initially came to Petit on a work experience placement. I enjoyed it a lot; I met new friends, learned new skills and really enjoyed the work I was doing and skills learned. After the placement finished, I decided to stay on as a volunteer to continue my learning and develop myself and the skills I had gained. I have learned many different aspects of the workshop, from the correct use of hand tools and the traditional methods used, to learning how to use rotary saws such as the mitre saw and electric sanding machines.

I have been involved in many different projects and have made dining tables and desks made from recycled pallets. Being here let me discover talents I didn’t know I had! At the moment I am working on storage boxes made from recycled wood. I needed to measure out the wood and use the mitre saw to cut them all to the right size. I then drilled holes and pilot holes (to hide the fittings) and attached all of the parts together using screws.

For my pallet table with hairpin legs, I created the base by cutting a piece of mdf to size. I then had to create the top by arranging the pallets in an aesthetically pleasing but also practical way. When this was done, I sanded and sanded and then sanded some more; creating a soft and even table top. We chose to add a little colour to the wood and chose a touch of blue, green and turquoise. To create the effect, I painted each piece of wood in a different colour and then sanded back again. To create the mitred edge I cut down more scraps to create a frame which would hide the base but also create a more complete and professional finish. After a few coats of varnish, and the addition of some hairpin legs, the table was complete!

The table is now available on our website here: