Humans of Petit – Elise

What made you want to volunteer?

Elise I volunteered because after my University degree in Furniture and Product Design I found it very hard to get any replies from furniture design jobs due to the fact all the designing is now done via CAD. I was traditionally trained which is why I chose the course in the first place, I drew by hand and made by hand. This lead me to volunteer and Petit Miracles I needed some form of furniture creation to keep me using my hands.

How would you describe Petit Miracle Interiors?

Petit Miracles is a really nice place to be, the shop and workshop are bright and clean, everyone who works there is really friendly and helpful. The environment is relaxed which means cracking on with some upcycling is very therapeutic and enjoyable.

Have you developed new skills whilst volunteering?

I have learnt how to look at old furniture in a different way before I would chop it up and use the wood to make something new, but it has taught me to appreciate the original design, even when it is not my taste.

If you could own any item from the shop which would it be and why?

I would take home my black and white upholstered seat, really enjoyed being playful with the design and totally transforming it.

Why do you think upcycling is important?

It is important to value old furniture, we live in such a consumerist society where we throw everything away, we need to go back 100+ years where we would only buy what we need and repair anything that breaks. saving the planet and our mental health.

What has been your highlight?

The highlight has been meeting the team and the other volunteers and of course being able to mess around with some furniture!

Would you recommend volunteering at Petit?
If so what would you say?

I would definitely recommend Petit Miracles, especially to people with no background in furniture design. It is a really rewarding process being able to turn an old unloved piece of furniture a new lease of life. Try upcycling as you learn a lot and will have fun doing it!

Interested in volunteering?

If you want to apply to volunteer please submit the enquiry form here.

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