Guest post from our volunteer Jeanette – Learning to be, you, in a local innovating environment

Jeanette in action upcycling furniture

Jeanette in action upcycling furniture

Petit Miracle Interiors (PMI) was one of the very first places I ever visited when I first moved to this part of London. What made me curious to take the escalator upstairs at West 12 Shop and explore what was hiding on the 2nd floor still I don’t know, but today I am very glad I did. More people should let their curiosity lead their way from time to time – the discoveries you make might add so much more to your life. Discovering PMI added lots of new challenges, valued experiences and amazing people to mine.

Our shop floor is always intriguingly inviting. The smiles and creative minds which fill this place are found behind every unique piece you see, and they all have a story to tell. Inspiring talks, colors and ideas daily create this very special workplace for many people. Its an understatement saying this place is purely made up by its people. The Director Elisicia is a person everyone would love to meet. Her passion for the environment and its people is addictive and positively contagious. The very core of creativity is found in this environment.

As a new local I decided to sign up and roll in on one of the following Saturday workshops. Simply because I could not leave PMI and not knowing I would return soon. That said DIY has always been a highly valued skill I wanted to learn, and this was a golden opportunity. Ever since that Saturday, soon a year ago, I have been a weekly PMI worker. PMI has become an unique part of my week. I have got an ordinary job for a London based company, which has granted me one volunteering day a week. At PMI team work is all about attitude and gratitude. I will thank everyone for this amazing opportunity and recommend readers, new and old, to visit and get to know more about this truly amazing gem store located in Shepherds Bush.

We would like to thank Jeanette for volunteering with us and kindly writing this blog to share her experience.