Work from home in your business

As you know, the world has been put in self-quarantine, we won’t discuss more and let’s focus on things we can do while all this happens, it’s a great time to focus on things we have been postponed because of lack of time. 

One of the subjects we will discuss today is about social media, this powerful tool that allows us to connect immediately to our customers, develop relationships and build close ties with them.  It comes very handy at this moment when customers can leave their house and probably are bored and go throw the internet. 

But social media is not about posting content every day, it is about creating a strategy, setting goals, developing a concept, creating accurate content for your audience, tracking your data and outcomes and adjusting for the next strategy.  


Identifying your goals will allow you to direct the specific message you want to deliver, think about; What’s the purpose of this campaign? A new product, an event, a new location opening, building relationships, increased sales, brand awareness,  etc. 

Then you’ll think about the channel you want to use, is it Facebook or maybe Twitter, what about YouTube but remember each platform is different and engage in different ways, use each tool in the best way to deliver the adequate message.


Create a content calendar, use this tool to organize and schedule your content, what copy will use for this image, what days and times you have more traffic on your platforms, those are the days you’ll more likely post something. Study your market so you know: it is more women? How old are they? What ethnicity? What are their interests? And create content specifically for them.


Monitor and respond, during the campaign look at the post who has more likes or comments, reply to the comments, engage with your audience, and last for not least, measure the results, what was the general response, what you can improve, what were the difficulties, take over your analytics and use this knowledge to adjust to your next campaign.  


Not every social media campaign will follow these steps but it is a template of how you can start working with social media while this last, you have extra time to plan, create and execute so don’t lose time and start working on it. Be creative.