We need a space to host our workshops, can you help?

We hosted our first ever pop-up shop offering workshops in basic DIY, craft and upcycling furniture. It was a huge success. For 6 months we occupied a former JJB sports shop in the West12 Shopping centre in London, Shepherd’s Bush. Sadly, JJB declared bankruptcy and evicted the charities using their properties with 6 days notice.
Not one to let circumstance determine our fate, we are looking for new premises to occupy. We are hoping that you can help!
So, do you, or someone you know, have an empty property they would be willing to allow our charity to occupy?

What we need:
• A space that is accessible for people of all abilities.
• A loading area to receive furniture.
• Basic amenities, i.e. toilet, place to make tea, etc.
• Approximately 750+sq feet would be great.

What we can offer:
• Increase security of the premises, occupied dwellings discourage vandalism and squatters.
• If needed, we can pay the rates whilst we are using the space, so no extra rate liability to the landlord.
• An occupied building is easier to let than an unoccupied building.
• Our project is eye catching, see the photos, and as a result increase the aesthetic of any space.
• Increase the CSR of any potential property portfolio holder.

About the project:
Design Bank uses the principles of regular banking, but with a twist: instead of money, upcycled items of furniture and the time people put it to the project are the currency. When people sign up for workshops they learn the art of upcycling and build credits towards their time-bank account, which can then be used to off-set the price of items from the project. Unwanted furnishings previously destined for the landfill now become useful and beautiful items for a new home.

All those interested should contact Elisicia Moore at the contact details listed below.

E: info@petitmiracles.org.uk

Petit Miracles Website: