Reaching out to charities who want retail space

Our charity run project Petit Miracle Hub in Shepherds Bush, London in the West 12 shopping centre has spaces for unique products and services. We already host small businesses which sell a variety of products including clothing, shoes, jewellery, tea and more.


If your charity either creates products, provides services or has quality second hand goods that they wish to sell you can share the space with other local businesses in exchange for a percentage of goods sold or monthly rental.
If you have a product or service that you would like to sell from the space you can read more about the options on our We are pop up profile, you can read more and download the membership pack or express your interest on our online form.


We are flexible and happy to discuss options that would be mutually beneficial. We can also offer retail work experience for beneficiaries / volunteers.


Contact Elisicia if you have a specific question

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