Humans of Petit: Abdul

Abdul is currently on a 6-month placement with Petit Miracles. Originally from Italy, Abdul studied furniture design with a specialized focus on construction. After 5 years studying he has decided to throw himself, not only into a working environment but also into another country, test what he has learnt.

Within a short period of time he has developed an understanding of customer needs, standards, the demands and deadlines associated with the industry.

Furthermore he has broadened his knowledge of the English language, communication competently to work colleagues using learning technical terms. After completing his recent project, up – cycling chairs into a leaning bookcase, he now feels more confident completing all the necessary stages to a project, from the initial design development to the construction. After his placement he plans to go back to Italy to establish a career in the carpentry industry.

I have just finished painting a small chest of drawers. For this, I had to sand it with a rough sandpaper and then clean it with sugar soap. After doing that, I used a roller to paint it in a gloss paint, taping off the piece is vital to keep it nice and neat, and then finally a coat of varnish to protect it from wear and tear in its new home!

You can find the chest of drawers online here: