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Petit Miracle Hub Entrepreneur Interview

Meet Alena from Sabani Linens

What is your background?
I used to work as a GP in the UK for about ten years before I decided to retire from the profession because of my children. Once they were more grown up, I decided to start my own business with my son. He was keen to start our own business supplying bed linen.

Tell us about your business?
Our products are mainly Egyptian cotton bed linen and the other product is Egyptian Stonewashed Linen which has become a very fashionable item these days! We always introduce new colours. We have three ranges of Egyptian Cotton at the moment. Two of the 400 Thread Count Satin Finish which is very soft and silky and the other is the 180 Thread count Percale which has more of a crisp finish. They are all embroidered with double lines of different colours to suit every style!

Where did the idea for your business come from?
The reason why we decided to start a bed linen business is actually because my husband, who is Egyptian, has been in the Egyptian Cotton business for decades and his father before him so we felt it made sense to use his contacts.

What is the most challenging thing about running your own company?
For us, the most challenging is to get my supplier to agree with the relative small quantities we order from them. They are used to working with major retailers and it is only because of personal contacts that they agree to supply us with much smaller quantities.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?
Certainly to not be easily discouraged because it is not easy to start from scratch! To have a very good knowledge of your chosen area of business is key. Another thing, is to have a good business plan in order for you to know where you want to be in a few years time. Don’t spend too much money initially. Don’t overspend.

How has working with Elisicia and Petit Miracle hub helped you?
The Hub has definitely helped to improve my credibility. Other than selling online on website and a little on amazon, I make most my sales through Portobello Market. Customers love that I have a shop now where they can go and see the products with their own eyes.

In 5 years time…
In five years time, as much as I enjoy doing Portobello Market, I would love to be able to stop doing that. It is one of my main revenue streams at the moment but it would be nice not to have to rely on the market. I want to be established in a shop or hope our website will become more successful than it is at the moment.

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