Free Retail Space for Hammersmith Residents

Free retail Space and business support

3 months free thanks to our funders Hammersmith United Charities.

We are looking for entrepreneurs to share space in the Petit Miracle Hub, our retail business incubation project in the West12 Shopping Centre, giving local people the opportunity to become retailers.

Who can apply?

Aspiring entrepreneurs who live in the borough of Hammersmith will be able to house their wares in aesthetically pleasing stands, built by Petit Miracles. These are fully customized kiosks.

In addition to providing the space and bringing in the customers, we will host regular talks and events centred on starting and succeeding with your own small business.


To find out more information download our PDF which has full details or send us an email [email protected].

Testimonials from entrepreneur members

“Elisicia and the petit miracles hub have been really helpful to me and my business, this is the start for me and I have learned a lot from being at the hub. Working with other entrepreneurs and sharing each others skills, amazing training, there is so much opportunity on holding events, networking, getting to know your customer, feedback and great atmosphere. The concept is amazing!”

Kate Cummins
Kate Cumminskc loves Founder

“I’ve also been able to get a better idea of the opportunities and challenges that come with being in retail. All this experience helps with the development of my brand and myself as an entrepreneur.”

Nigel Twumasi
Nigel Twumasimayamada Founder

“The hub has been an excellent way to reach the public and a new customers. As a small business it is extremely hard to gain a high street presence especially in London because of the cost of rent. This platform has allowed me to see which of my products are most popular and what people are prepared to pay for certain items.”

Edith Victoria
Edith VictoriaAll Thingz Nice Founder

“Being at the hub has also given my confidence a real boost and has taught me to remember all sides of the business not just making. I have attended seminars and meetings since being at the Hub and really enjoy talking to and mixing with the other designers. It’s important to feel ‘part’ of something and at the Hub, I do feel that.”

Kat Nolan
Kat NolanBurnish and Black Founder

Funded by Hammersmith United Charities