We’re going to be on TV! Watch us on Find it Fix It Flog it

New TV Show, Elisicia, our Founder features as specialist valuer: Find it Fix It Flog it

Elisicia is a specialist valuer on this new TV show, we hope you enjoy it.

More about the show:

We  are  a  nation  of  hoarders  and  British  barns  and  sheds  are home  to  a  rich  and  forgotten  treasure  trove.  From rusty motorbikes to tarnished tea pots,  valuable medals,  stopped clocks, discarded  garden furniture and  20th century collectables, the  Find it Fix It Flog it boys  sifted  through  barn clutter, restored it then sold it for you.

Channel  4  and  HCA  Entertainment  are  embarking  on  a  mission  to  unlock  the  millions  of pounds tied up in neglected possessions gathering dust in Britain’s outbuildings. Channel  4 commissioned  20  episodes  of  the  new  show  Find it Fix It Flog it. The series will broadcast from daily from the 22nd August 2016.

The  Production  company,  HCA  Entertainment,  asked property  owners  to throw open their barn so they could restore, upcycle, and sell their barn clutter. Experts  and  co  presenters  Henry  Cole  and  Simon  O’Brien rummaged  through  barns  and uncovered long discarded possessions that could bring the barn owners a sizable sum when renovated. Items that weren’t sold were valued by independent valuers. This sum was then handed over to the original barn owners.

Barn finder Henry Cole, and owner of HCA said I was amazed at the value of items we uncovered, I loved telling the owners how much cash we’d unlocked from their barn clutter.

Henry’s  expertise  is  in  all  things  mechanical;  he  restored  machines  and  vehicles  and  sold them  for  healthy  profits.  Whilst  Simon’s  flair  for  creative  homeware  never  failed  to  spot  an opportunity  to  give  dusty  old  barn  clutter  a  new  lease  of  life.  Through repurposing and upcyling, Simon created desirable and valuable items that he too sold for profit.