Opening day pictures and groovy lamps….

It was a fantastic day with loads of people coming through the shop and a some taking part in our first workshop making seriously cool lamps…….

A sneak-peak at the pop-up shop in Shepherd’s Bush…


Acro poles move over…..cardboard boxes coming through….

 It’s all systems go at Design Bank headquarters (read my office in total chaos) and not due to a lack of trying and determination we have had to say good-bye to the acro poles and fabric for partitioning…..But behold the above!!!  I’ve sourced some lovely white cardboard boxes that were destined for the landfill and we will be using approximately 250 of them to zone the 8500 sq feet and to clad the entrance walls…..I hope it looks just as good in our space as it does here 🙂

Pages from a book, streamers made of marshmallows?

With a limited budget and a less than pretty shop, one must get creative!  Not to mention a space which is 8 times the size of my own house, and I can tell you, I spent a lot more in 1100sq feet than I will be in 8500 sq feet.  But nonetheless, I pray and hope I can create a space that beckons passerbyers to visit the shop.

Here are some images I am using as inspiration for the space…….As always, please feel free to comment, feedback (read, give me ideas) on the design of the space.

Image from Blue Eyed Yonder

In front of JJB sign?!?!

Image from

Love the marshmallow streamers for decorating a dessert table.

Image from

Love these streamers

Image from

Another fabulous example of using book pages as wall covering. I love the texture. Since this is a master bedroom, the pages are from romantic books... gorgeous.

Image from

Yup, definitely going to put this into the workshop schedule!

I want to live with Lindsay if she makes stuff like this!

A little bit of fabric, some scaffolding poles and hopefully we’ll have an interesting partitioning of space in our mega pop-up shop

Something that looks like this image from The Architecture Foundation

How could I forget the Juju hat?

You know you love it and what’s more, I have found a great tutorial teaching how to make your very own with gorgeous fluffy wool!


Some upcycling ideas we will be workshopping

Do you love that I turned a noun into a verb?!?!  Never mind, here’s some pretty images of ideas we are thinking of creating in Design Bank, be sure to comment!




That’s all for now folks, it’s just a taster.  Happy upcycling.

30 more sleeps…….

Until we fly open the doors to our upcycling extravaganza!