Collaborative Creation, so that’s what I have been doing for the last year!

It’s good to know that there are people out there, more eloquent than I, who are also trying to build a new way of doing business with a serious sense of collaboration. When I started Design Bank it was to create a space that was shared by the people who used the space with an integral and intrinsic pay-it-forward culture. The concept was that people would initially come to learn from me, then me learn from them, then the them would learn from each other (see what I mean about lacking eloquence) we all make cool stuff, sell it to support the project all whilst building our own mini neo-capitalist eco-system. This is a great article on just that, it describes the maker movement as more than just a community of people who like to knit. It describes, what I believe to be a seismic shift in people realising their skills and talents and realising their potential. I may be so bold to say that we are endeavoring to build a new currency based on those skills that distributes wealth amongst all those willing to participate.


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Big, Warm, Cuddly Capitalism….

So I was thinking about capitalism today and how its, well, really not working.  We are entering a new phase in the way we work and live.  Not only will we be required to share resources but live closer to those affected by the adverse nature of capitalism.  Our world is indeed getting smaller.  Now, with all that being said I totally love what money brings to my life, couldn’t really feel much differently being brought up with a dogged capitalist as a father.  But I knew then what I know now and that it is possible to be an altruistic capitalist.  A contradiction in terms, oui?  Well, not by my experience.  I’ve attached a link to an interview I did back in the summer that has left an impression on me, in spirit of my father and in respect of my husband I am trying to make a living, to earn enough cash to be comfortable, support those less fortunate and have a damn good time doing it.