Partnership project: Viridian housing

We have been working in partnership with housing association Viridian Housing to transform a communal area creating a warm and welcoming space for their residents.  Viridian residents volunteered to learn how to upcycle furniture and work with our team, over a span of 12 weeks the volunteers have been working very hard, learning restoration and upcycling techniques in our workshop.

Residents now have a lovingly refurbished communal area complete with upcycled treasures, It’s the first space to be redecorated under the new project Changing Spaces and the photos speak volumes. What do you think of the results?

Fancy having your space receive an overhaul?  Get in touch and see whats possible!

Viridian photos

Hub member interview – Kate of KC loves


Interview – Meet Kate Cummins

What is your background?

I moved to London at 22 years old, from worthing, a small seaside town, have met some amaz-ing people and had been working as a visual merchandiser for many years, I have the love of making things look pretty!

  • 2005 / 2014 – European Visual Coordinator : My previous experience working as a visual merchandiser for a global company, bringing creativity and artistic flair to deliver high standards and results. Excellent attention to detail, organised, proactive and adaptable.
  • 2012 / 2013 –  At night collage, Studied silver smithing at Kensington and Chelsea college and have qualified in a BTEC level 1 in 3d design.  3D design products – distinction / 3D design crafts processes – distinction / working to a 3D brief – distinction.
  • 2012 / 2014 – I have been hand crafting Sliver Jewellery as a hobby, making gifts for family and friends for 3 years.
  • 2014 til now – started my own business designing and making handmade silver jewellery.

Tell us about your business?

KC Loves Designs and hand crafts unique Sterling Silver Jewellery, sometimes featured with other materials such as gemstone, shell, wood and natural hemp cord. Delicate, fine, natural feel, a sense of freedom, when wearing a piece. My professional services include making bespoke Jewellery for the customer either bought for themselves or a gift.

I am inspired to make my Jewellery by the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados, the warm excited feeling of being on the island, the tranquil surroundings of the beaches, the alive blue sea, the unaffected nature and the passion of the people for life its self. My Jewellery can be adjusted to the customer’s needs, in size, materials used, texture, colour and design.

The product is unique in design, suitable to wear for every day to evening. Ideal bought for a favourite holiday piece, can be worn to complement a daywear outfit to the beach, the same piece can be worn to dress up the favourite outfit for the holiday evening out.  If you are not on holiday, wearing KC Loves make you feel you are just about to walk out onto the beach front, no matter where you are in the world. Perfect bought as a personal gift, received in a gift box and bag made to feel special, to compliment the Jewellery itself.

Where did the idea for your business come from?

From the love of being in Barbados, I was inspired to make jewellery. Me and my boyfriend regularly visit Barbados to the sun, the sea, the beauty and to see family and friends. Our dream is to one day live on the Island and I would have my own jewellery work shop built on the side of my beautiful wooden house by the sea. I have always loved wearing and buying handmade jewellery, something unique and different. I can myself only wear nonmetal materials and silver.

What is the most challenging thing about running your own company?

I find the most challenging thing to be the marketing side, with running your own business you have to work on all areas (no one to do it for you) keeping up with social on a daily basis.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

I would advice to take small steps, it’s all very well to see the dream and the bigger picture, but you would have to take small steps to make it achievable and more real. Take on all the advice you receive from people that have experience. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, don’t be afraid to make mistakes they can always be corrected.

How has working with Elisicia and Petit Miracle hub helped you?

Elisicia and the petit miracles hub have been really helpful to me and my business, this is the start for me and I have learned a lot from being at the hub. Working with other entrepreneurs and sharing each others skills, amazing training, there is so much opportunity on holding events, networking, getting to know your customer, feedback and great atmosphere. The concept is amazing!

In 5 years time…

I will be more established with more and regular customers, I will be a professional at marketing my brand. kc loves will be known in the industry and will be a popular jewellery brand 😉


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Guest post from our volunteer Jeanette – Learning to be, you, in a local innovating environment

Jeanette in action upcycling furniture

Jeanette in action upcycling furniture

Petit Miracle Interiors (PMI) was one of the very first places I ever visited when I first moved to this part of London. What made me curious to take the escalator upstairs at West 12 Shop and explore what was hiding on the 2nd floor still I don’t know, but today I am very glad I did. More people should let their curiosity lead their way from time to time – the discoveries you make might add so much more to your life. Discovering PMI added lots of new challenges, valued experiences and amazing people to mine.

Our shop floor is always intriguingly inviting. The smiles and creative minds which fill this place are found behind every unique piece you see, and they all have a story to tell. Inspiring talks, colors and ideas daily create this very special workplace for many people. Its an understatement saying this place is purely made up by its people. The Director Elisicia is a person everyone would love to meet. Her passion for the environment and its people is addictive and positively contagious. The very core of creativity is found in this environment.

As a new local I decided to sign up and roll in on one of the following Saturday workshops. Simply because I could not leave PMI and not knowing I would return soon. That said DIY has always been a highly valued skill I wanted to learn, and this was a golden opportunity. Ever since that Saturday, soon a year ago, I have been a weekly PMI worker. PMI has become an unique part of my week. I have got an ordinary job for a London based company, which has granted me one volunteering day a week. At PMI team work is all about attitude and gratitude. I will thank everyone for this amazing opportunity and recommend readers, new and old, to visit and get to know more about this truly amazing gem store located in Shepherds Bush.

We would like to thank Jeanette for volunteering with us and kindly writing this blog to share her experience.

Some ideas we are keen to try out………

Upcycled airline trolley diy_ombrechair_2 Tree stump table hairpin legs 007 DSCN1828_preview

Workshop Ideas….

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Workshop Ideas….

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New Workshop Ideas….

Pages from a book, streamers made of marshmallows?

With a limited budget and a less than pretty shop, one must get creative!  Not to mention a space which is 8 times the size of my own house, and I can tell you, I spent a lot more in 1100sq feet than I will be in 8500 sq feet.  But nonetheless, I pray and hope I can create a space that beckons passerbyers to visit the shop.

Here are some images I am using as inspiration for the space…….As always, please feel free to comment, feedback (read, give me ideas) on the design of the space.

Image from Blue Eyed Yonder

In front of JJB sign?!?!

Image from

Love the marshmallow streamers for decorating a dessert table.

Image from

Love these streamers

Image from

Another fabulous example of using book pages as wall covering. I love the texture. Since this is a master bedroom, the pages are from romantic books... gorgeous.

Image from

Yup, definitely going to put this into the workshop schedule!

I want to live with Lindsay if she makes stuff like this!

A little bit of fabric, some scaffolding poles and hopefully we’ll have an interesting partitioning of space in our mega pop-up shop

Something that looks like this image from The Architecture Foundation