All of our pieces of furniture have been lovingly up cycled by our team. If you cannot find the right item for your home you can request something specific by using our product request form (see right hand column).


Excellent condition: basically new and means that the piece was never used, new or near new and may come with an original box that is in unused condition.

Good condition: generally means that the piece is in very presentable state and may have defects other than how it left the factory. It may have some minor discolouration, minor wear and tear to the item, such as small scuff-marks, scratches, and minor dents.

Fair condition: a terminology used to describe a piece that is reminiscent of the wear and tear expected of vintage furniture, meaning it has wear and tear consistent with its age.It could have a patina, or dents, scratches, which would be expected of pre-used items.

Poor condition: scratches, dents not consistent with wear and tear, perhaps need some TLC and restoration. Any piece sold in this state will come with a full description

Please Note:

  • On items to be collected, once paid for, we can store an item for up to 10 days (unless another time is agreed). If not collected by this time, a storage fee of £10 a day will be charged to you, up to the price of the said item. After this, if still not collected item will be lost.
  • If you are having your item delivered, please note that it is your responsibility to ensure the item will fit. Not only in the space you have decided to place it, but also the navigation to the such place, e.g. stair wells, lifts, front doors. If the item does not fit, you will be charged an additional fee (minimum £35 for local delivery) to return the item back to our store.
  • If you would like to change the date/cancel a delivery we must be notified at least 48 hours before scheduled delivery. Please note we are closed on Sunday and Monday so these days are not included in this.

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