Yup, definitely going to put this into the workshop schedule!

I want to live with Lindsay if she makes stuff like this!

A little bit of fabric, some scaffolding poles and hopefully we’ll have an interesting partitioning of space in our mega pop-up shop

Something that looks like this image from The Architecture Foundation

How could I forget the Juju hat?

You know you love it and what’s more, I have found a great tutorial teaching how to make your very own with gorgeous fluffy wool!


Some upcycling ideas we will be workshopping

Do you love that I turned a noun into a verb?!?!  Never mind, here’s some pretty images of ideas we are thinking of creating in Design Bank, be sure to comment!




That’s all for now folks, it’s just a taster.  Happy upcycling.

30 more sleeps…….

Until we fly open the doors to our upcycling extravaganza!