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3Space on Petit Miracle Interiors

“What’s the story?  Petit Miracle Interiors, a registered charity, first became involved with 3Space when they were shortlisted for our High Street Hijack competition back in December 2011. After months of careful planning, Petit Miracles’ ‘Design Bank’ project took place in our Shepherds Bush empty shop in April 2012.”

We had a little visit from the folks at Project Dirt

First of all, it must be said, Project Dirt is a pretty wicked name for an eco-organisation!! Right that aside, they do some pretty cool things to and this is what they say about themselves: Project Dirt was set up by a couple of mates (Mark and Nick) to make green living easier and more […]

Bringing Petit Miracles to the people

Our shop, located on the first floor, in our opinion, is the best shop eva! However, footfall is rather low at times. So, to bring some footfall upstairs we took our lovely furniture to the passersby on the ground floor. We met loads of people interested in our workshops and successfully managed to bring people […]

Something exciting is about to happen…..

Now, if I might say so myself, that looks pretty damn fab! This is the new shop, that we already moved into, had to vacate and are now moving back into….still with me? We expect to be open within the next 2 weeks. Just need to sort out our furniture suppliers and move our workshop […]

West12 here we come!

Finally the time has come. After our successful 6 month pop-up shop, we are opening a permanent shop back in the West12 Shopping Centre. Located on the first floor you will find the same great workshops on offer and beautiful reclaimed and upcycled wares. To make it happen we are looking for more great volunteers […]