Thanks to our donours we have met our fundraising target!!!

Just want to say thank you to all our donours, without you there would not be a pop-up shop opening in Brixton in the next few short weeks.  I will be in touch very shortly to thank you personally.

We will be offering our regular upcycling furniture workshops but also some holiday themed crafts so stay tuned into our blog for more details.  In the meantime its all hands on deck as we sand and paint to turn this, dimaond in the rough, of a shop into a super, uber, cool shop.  As you can see from the pictures, theres is loads to do, so be sure to check back for the after shots.

Extra large thank you to our donours:

  • Bonnie Wong
  • Jennifer Cowie                                                                                               
  • Kirsten Corien
  • Dana. G.
  • Greg Stump
  • Theresa Baker
  • Theo Moore
  • Harry Owen Jones
  • Alice Vaughan
  • Ben Smith
  • This Big City
  • Marc Van de Voorde
  • Simon Maskell

Big, Warm, Cuddly Capitalism….

So I was thinking about capitalism today and how its, well, really not working.  We are entering a new phase in the way we work and live.  Not only will we be required to share resources but live closer to those affected by the adverse nature of capitalism.  Our world is indeed getting smaller.  Now, with all that being said I totally love what money brings to my life, couldn’t really feel much differently being brought up with a dogged capitalist as a father.  But I knew then what I know now and that it is possible to be an altruistic capitalist.  A contradiction in terms, oui?  Well, not by my experience.  I’ve attached a link to an interview I did back in the summer that has left an impression on me, in spirit of my father and in respect of my husband I am trying to make a living, to earn enough cash to be comfortable, support those less fortunate and have a damn good time doing it.